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Bar/Bat Mitzvah List

Please input your info and give DSN 3 Business Days max to update the chart.

Event Date:
Event Time:
Event Type
Child's Name:
Event Date Event Time Event Type Child's Name Notified DSN
Mon May 28 2018 Morning Bar Mitzvah Noah Hakim 12/05/2017
Thu Jun 07 2018 Morning Bar Mitzvah Elliott Salomon 03/09/2018
Fri Jun 29 2018 Afternoon Bar Mitzvah Elliott Salomon 04/04/2018
Sun Aug 19 2018 Evening Bar Mitzvah Ethan Rofé 08/27/2017
Sun Oct 21 2018 Morning Bar Mitzvah Stevie Shalom 11/21/2017
Sun Nov 18 2018 Afternoon Bat Mitzvah Alexa Cohen 03/19/2018
Mon Feb 18 2019 Morning Bar Mitzvah Marty Cohen 11/22/2017
Sat Jun 29 2019 Morning Bar Mitzvah Yosef Betesh 03/15/2018
Thu Jul 04 2019 Morning Bar Mitzvah Morris Sharaby 02/25/2018

**DISCLAIMER**- DSN is not a decision-maker for this calendar. We simply post the facts emailed. DSN is not responsible for errors, typos or misinformation. To notify DSN of your child's Bar/Bat Mizvah please use the form above. No texts, phone calls or verbal conversation will be acceptable.