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Membership FAQ’s

Q. What are the Center hours of operation?

A.  Monday – Thursday  6 am – 11 pm

Friday – 6 am until one Hour before Shabbat Candle lighting

Saturday – Opens one hour after Shabbat until Midnight

Sunday – 7 am – 10 pm


Q. Why should I join now?

A. Because soon early-bird monthly pricing will be over & it will cost about 30% – 40% more, plus you will save on the $200 initial registration fee being waived.


Q. If I sign up for Early Bird am I guaranteed that same price at renewal time next year?

A. Prices are subject to change upon renewal.  We will notify you in advance but our aim is to keep the costs of membership as low as possible.


Q.  If I sign up now will I be charged?

A.  You will not be charged anything until the center actually opens


Q.  What if I change my mind?

A.  Membership is a one-year commitment & will renew automatically unless you notify us in advance.  However, you will be able to try & cancel group exercise within one month of signing up for whatever reason…..but you won’t because it’s going to be fabulous!  After the one month trial your membership for group exercise will coincide with your one year membership.


Q. Can I walk in and Pay for the day?

A. To ensure our Center is financially sound, we will allow walk-in’s  a maximum of 3 times per year for $20 each.  The purpose of this rule is to give would-be members a chance to see how wonderful our facility is.


Q. If I am not a member can I join DSN sports leagues?

A.  Sports leagues that take place in the building will be for members only, however we will allow non-members to join sports leagues that take place outside the building.  (Baseball, football, outdoor soccer etc)


Q. As a member, will I still have to pay for programs?

A.  Yes, organized programs will continue as always.  You will only pay for the programs you choose to join. We found this to be the least expensive and fairest option to ensure everyone can be a member and choose which programs they want to join. The majority of programs will be for members only, including After School programs, Sunday programs etc.


Q. What Group Exercise classes will you have & for whom?

A.  A typical schedule will include Pilates, Boot-camp, Body Sculpting, Zumba, Yoga, Indoor Cycling (Spin), Cardio Interval, Total Body Conditioning, Kickboxing, Cardio Dance and more.  Additional fitness programs specifically for youth & high-school kids, pre/post natal, men, couples, older adults, mother/daughter etc.  will be offered as well.

Q.  Is the Group Exercise option an annual commitment or can I cancel at any time?

A. There is a 1 year commitment for group exercise, however, you can cancel any time within the first 30 days. (payment will not be refunded)  After 30 days, cancellations are not permitted and you will be obligated to pay for the remaining 11 months coinciding with your membership to the center.


Q.  Why can’t we commit month to month or pay class by class for group exercise?

A.  We have assembled all of the best, most prominent instructors for their respective classes.  These instructors require commitments of many months to a year in advance from us and we cannot budget efficiently without knowing how many people will be coming to our classes.


Q.  Can someone add group exercise to their membership later, and still get the early bird pricing?

A. Yes, as long as you join as a member during our early bird special you will have the option to add group exercise at the early bird price for the first 60 days after we open.  After the first 60 days you can add group exercise any time at our standard pricing.


Q. What instructors will be there?

A.  (subject to change) So far we have…..Jenny Assouline, Debbie Disakias, Casey Fillian, Jen Jones, Susie McLaughlin, Joe Leone, Mary Lyons, Ronnie Nahem, Mollie Sasson, Margaret Bradie Simmons, Natasha Szyrwiel, Margo Teicher, RT, Candice de la Torre & Many more!  Please call Sharon Carlstrom or Mary Lyons at the DSN office if you have any requests for someone not listed!  (732-686-9595)


Q. Will you have Women Only classes?

A. YES –  the Fitness Committee will be including many Women Only classes among the schedule.  Our goal is to keep everyone healthy and happy!


Q. Will there be a time allocated for Men Only in the fitness center?

A. If there are a significant number of members requesting men-only time to work out, then we will certainly look at finding a solution but it would likely be during off-hours or when women don’t usually come to the fitness Center.


Q. Will there be classes for men and / or at night?

A.  We are going to adjust our schedule based on demand!  If you want something, we will try it & if we get a good turnout we will certainly roll with it.  We have already discussed a men’s boot-camp by Ronnie Nahem as well as night spin classes, high-school classes & others.   We are open to other suggestions.


Q. Will babysitting service be available?

A. Babysitting will be available 8am-12pm Monday-Friday.   $4/hour . Ages  6 months through 3 years old. No advance booking is needed unless we see demand is high. Baby does not need to a part of a family membership.


Q. At what age can member children be alone in the DSN building?

A.  Members in grade 6 and above may use select facilities at DSN without a legal guardian present. They must follow the designated times for facilities throughout the building.


Q. Can 2 people sign up as a couple that aren’t married?

A. No. The couples plan is only for married couples.


Q. Single membership plus group exercise is more than I am currently paying for my gym

A. We understand.  The center is OUR home!  The facilities are state-of-the-art, brand new, clean & most importantly it will be your fellow community members working out next to you, not strangers.  We want to ensure this Center remains a vibrant part of our Jewish community for decades. We hope you can share our vision and be willing to support our community & the future social well-being of our children, rather than joining other gyms that don’t share our fundamental values.


All above rules are subject to change without notice.