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Sports Leagues

Basketball 2nd-3rd Boys: Rules



  • Games have four 8 minute quarters with a 2 minute half time.
  • Clock stops for all whistles with less than 2 min left in the final half
  • Games are played with 5 on  and can be played with a minimum of 4 on 4 players. If one team has 5 players and the other team has 4 the team with 6 players needs to sub 2 players. Teams with less than 4 players forfeit the game.


Overtime rules

  • There is one, 3 minute overtime per game, after the 3 minutes if it is still a tie game ends in a tie.  


  • We are Playing with 2’s and 3’s pointers. 
  • Free throws count as 1 point.


  • We need to make sure that all the kids are getting in to the games. If needed, refs must stop games to force substitutions.


  • Shooting foul you take 2 shots. After 10 Team Fouls all fouls are 1 and 1.
  • If a team has 2 team fouls with less than 2 minute remain in the last half of the game, the fouled player will get free throw shots 1 and 1.
  • Non-Shooting Foul you inbound it from the sideline.
  • There is a penalty for being in the paint for more than 5 Seconds.
  • The Ball Carrier must cross the half courts line under 10 seconds.
  • No Press- Penalty for press will be 10 seconds taken off the clock & Technical free-throw & possession to remain with the team inbounding the ball.
  • Back Court violations will be called
  • FOUL LANGUAGE-Not permitted and Ref can assess a technical foul shot after to that player's team.


  • Games may not be delayed to wait for a missing player.


  • Each team has Two, 1 minute Timeouts permitted per half.



  • Any Player that acts unsportsmanlike, the ref can assess a technical foul shot to that player's team.


  • If both teams do not have the minimum # of players for a game, it's a double forfeit with both teams earning a loss, and the game will not be made up.
  • No regular games, playoff games or World Series can be canceled, postponed or re-scheduled due to a missing player, regardless of the player's talent level or position on the team.
  • No regular games playoff games, or World Series game can be canceled, postponed or re-scheduled due to a missing headcoach. Another coach must fill in