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Sports Leagues

Girls Soccer: 1st-2nd: Rules

Girls 1st-2nd

# Of Players

Games are played with 7 player’s maximum per team on the field, and a minimum of 4 players per team.  There must be an equal # of players on the field for both teams. For example, if one team has 6 players and the other has 4 players, both teams play with 4 players on the field.

Starting a Game

Game begins with a coin toss. Winner of the toss takes possession at the start of the game. The game is started at the center of the field. The team who kicks off passes the ball forward to a teammate at the referees signal.


  1. 3 30-second timeouts per half, plus a 2 minute warning.
  2. Game consists of four 11 min quarters 5 minute break for halftime, with a 1 minute break in-between quarters.  Referees may choose to stop the clock at their discretion if warranted. (I.e. Injury, confusion on the field etc.

OVERTIME Regular Season

     1. Headcoach picks any 3 players from his team, for a shoot-out. All 3 players from each team try to score. If the shootout               score is a tie, then it’s a do-or-die- shootout with 1 shooter for each team going head-to-head. Continue this way until                  someone scores in head-to-head and the other team doesn’t score. 


  1. In case of a tie, a 5 minute sudden death overtime is played. If a team score in this overtime, game is over
  2. If score is still tied after the 5 minute sudden death, headcoach picks any 3 players from his team, for a shoot-out. The goalie can be a shooter. All 3 players from each team try to score. If the shootout score is a tie, then headcoach picks a player for a do-or-die- shootout with 1 shooter for each team going head-to-head. Continue the do-or-die shootout until someone scores and the other team doesn’t.  The do-or-die shooter cannot be from the 3 original shooters, unless the team runs out of players. If do-or-die shootout goes on for multiple rounds and all players have shot, only then can you use a player who has already been in the shootout. In other words, all players must have a single turn before a player gets a 2nd turn.

No Coaches on Field

  1. No Coaches are allowed on the field at any time.


  1. When a team has a 3 point lead, any player that has more than 2 goals must be moved to play defense position until the other team scores.
  2. A minimum of 2 players must be in the defensive position and cannot cross the middle line.
  3. We are playing with corner Kicks. 



Teams will use opposite sides of midfield, of the same side of the field for their “team benches”. Three coaches maximum are allowed on the team bench. All other parents must sit with the fans across the other side of the field.

1      No player may use her hands, arms or shoulders to shove an opponent .No blocking allowed at any time.


If the referee witnesses any acts of tackling, elbowing, cheap shots, or any unsportsmanlike conduct, the game will be stopped and the player will be given a warning. On the second infraction the player will be ejected from the game. FOUL PLAY WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Trash talking is illegal. Officials have the right to determine offensive language. (Trash talk is talk that may be offensive to officials, opposing players, teams or spectators.) If trash talking occurs, the referee will give one warning. If it continues, the player(s) will be ejected from the game.


  1. All calls will be made by the referee at his/her discretion, but within the guidelines of these rules. The ref’s judgment call is final and cannot be challenged.  Arguing with the referee is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. The referee at his discretion can eject any coach or player from the game.
  2. If any situation arises that is not covered in the rules set forth above it will be up to the discretion of the referee and all coaches must respect the call. If necessary a new rule will be added accordingly.
  3. Coaches/parents may not reward individual players with money, prizes, or gifts. This is not acceptable at the amateur level of any sport.
  4. Only the team Head coach may ask the referee questions about a call or rule. Players and assistants cannot question judgment calls.


  1. All Players must wear their DSN uniform. Jerseys must be worn over any sweatshirts so the ref can know whose team the player is on.
  2. All players must wear shin guards.
  3. Cleats are allowed, except for metal spikes.
  4. NO Jewelry allowed at all.


  1. If a single player scores 2 or more goals and her team is winning by 3 or more goals, that player must be moved to play defense until the winning team is up by 2 goals. You can have more than one player who must play defense.

Injured Player

If a player gets injured and is out-for-the-season with at least ½ the regular season games remaining, he can be replaced by a child that is not playing in the league yet.  The new player must be of equal or lesser talent.  If there is a waiting list, do not just choose the 1st child on the list. Rather, in our competitive leagues to ensure parity and fairness, the new player is the 1st child on the list that is of equal or lesser talent. For example if the player injured is an average player, and on the waiting list the 1st player is an excellent player and the 2nd player is an average player, then the average player is selected.  The talent comparison supersedes the waiting list order.

Line rules

  1. Players may not step over the line when inbounding the ball.
  2. The white outer boundary line is "in". If a player inbounds a ball it has to hit an offensive or defensive player and then it goes in the goal that is a legitimate scoring goal.
  3. If the inbounded ball went directly into the goal without hitting anyone, it is not a goal.